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Fuse Box Upgrades

Renovating your home is a great way to add value and update. One upgrade you may not usually think about is your fuse box, but it is one of the most important things in your home. Your fuse or breaker box controls almost everything in your home that runs on electricity. Those living in older homes likely have a fuse box, while newer homes use breaker boxes. While fuse boxes are not necessarily unsafe, they are often ill equipped for today’s appliances, and many insurance companies will raise the premium or even refuse to insure a home with a fuse box.

On top of adding to the safety of your home, if you are planning to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, you will likely be required to update your fuse box, as it may not be able to support the new appliances. Though it sounds like a lot of work, a qualified electrician from Controlled Electric can often complete this job in as little as a day. Not only will upgrading your fuse box give you peace of mind, it will save you trouble if you decide to sell your home, and prevent headaches with insurance companies.

If you are thinking about updating your fuse box and are in Clarington, Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area, please contact Controlled Electric at 905-448-2890 or use our online form to request a service appointment.

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