Computer and Data Circuits

In the world of electrical wiring, the term for the mess of wires found in and around a computer / data room is called “Cabling Spaghetti”. Too often we grow impatient while installing vital equipment such as desktop computers, printers, copiers, scanners and modems and forget to take a moment to properly label each cord. In a data center, the mess is multiplied when we add servers and pack the equipment tightly onto racks and we are left with a tangled mess.

Controlled Electric’s experts are professionals skilled in cleaning up the mess. Let us untangle the wires and organize your business’s computer / data room leaving you with clearly labeled HDMI, Category 5, Category 6, and RG-6 Cables.

Use your data room for a centralized location to link every room in your office in a configuration that’s tailor made to suit your business’s needs.

If you have any question regarding computer circuits and data circuits in Clarington, Durham Region and the Durham Region Area, please contact Controlled Electric at 905-448-2890 or use our online form to request a service appointment.