Pool & Spa Lighting

There is nothing worse than having a beautiful pool and all of the sudden the lights just quit working. It is important to know that you need a licensed electrical contractor to come to your home to evaluate your pool for you. As you most likely already know, electricity and water can be a deadly combination. If you were to wire incorrectly this could cause death to someone you know. That is why when it comes to your pool and spa you should immediately call the licensed electrical contractors at Controlled Electric.

When you call the licensed electrical contractors at Controlled Electric we do a complete safety check and make sure that your pool or spa has been properly grounded and bonded.

To keep it very simple grounding is a reference point built into an electrical circuit, used as a baseline when measuring other electrical currents. It also serves as the return path for the circuit. Bonding is connecting electrical devices together in the attempt to trip a breaker, if an ungrounded conductor touches surface metal associated with the system.

Your electrical system, including your pool and spa must be grounded and bonded. It must be tied into the actual earth. Electrical grounding and bonding should only be handled by a licensed contractor. No exceptions.

If you have any questions or concerns about the grounding and bonding in your home or business, please call the licensed electrical experts at Controlled Electric today at 905-448-2890, or you can also use ourĀ online request form.