Recessed Lighting

Sometimes there is just a small touch missing in your house to make it perfect. Maybe your kitchen is too dim, or your office has an obnoxious lighting fixture straight out of the 70s. A modern, yet elegant fix to that problem is recessed lighting! Recessed lighting is not obvious, but adds to the atmosphere of any home. There are multiple styles as well, and you can match them to your décor. The housing the lights are contained in are offered in a variety of colors and materials.

Because recessed lighting often requires running new wires through your ceiling, as well as drilling into it, it is best to have an electrician install these. Once they are properly installed, they can provide multiple forms of lighting to your rooms, such as adding a dimmer switch so that they can be used for ambient lighting. An electrician can do all of this, in just a few hours, and we’re biased, but Controlled Electric is the best electricians for such a job!

If you’re looking to update the lighting in your home in Clarington, Durham Region and the Durham Region Area, consider adding recessed lighting and be sure to contact Controlled Electric at 905-448-2890 or use our online form to request a service appointment.