LED Lighting

Face it; you have to light your home somehow. Everywhere you look, there are lighting fixtures and light bulbs. From your kitchen to your basement to the exterior lighting of your home and landscaping, something is emitting a source of light. Commonly, your kitchen will have fluorescent bulbs. Ceiling fans tend to have incandescent. However, the newest and most energy efficient type of light is the LED, or Light Emitting Diode.

LED lighting not only saves you money by being more efficient, but it also allows you to see colors more clearly. Typical fluorescent light bulbs cast a yellow tone on things, but no more with LED’s! In fact, LED bulbs can be just white, or you can purchase them in any color you can think of…sometimes even multiple colors from the same bulb!

Not only can you replace your existing bulbs, but there are also special LED fixtures as well. Under counter light strips and hanging pendant lights are just two common forms. Controlled Electric can easily install these, and while you do have to purchase and pay for installation, the money that you save in the long run is worth it. LED lights usually last for about 25,000 hours, that is a long time compared to the 2,000 common in most incandescent bulbs. In fact, many energy companies offer incentives for energy efficient lighting. If you want to lower your electric bill, replace fewer light bulbs, and create a better-lit atmosphere, talk to Controlled Electric about installing LED lighting!

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