We’ve all seen the warning labels on our hair dryer showing the shocking results of getting it near your bathtub. Maybe this situation sounds ludicrous, but someone, somewhere, must have had this happen. Fortunately, most households have GFCI receptacles in the bathrooms and kitchens which can help protect against these types of incidents should they occur.

GFCI receptacles are the plugs that you see with a red reset button. These outlets are able to sense a change in current and trip within milliseconds. This effectively keeps you from being shocked by a current when it detects a change in that current. Not only are there receptacles, but you can also have a GFCI breaker installed. The upside to having a receptacle is having the knowledge of exactly what tripped it, instead of guessing with a breaker.

The electricians at Controlled Electric can recommend the best option for you, as well as properly install these receptacles and breakers. While it seems like an unlikely event, having these installed could possibly save your life.

If you are needing more information regarding the repair or installation of GFCI Breakers and GFCI Receptacles, and are in Clarington, Durham Region and the Durham Region Area, please contact Controlled Electric at 905-448-2890 or use our online form to request a service appointment.