It’s summer time, it’s hot, and you love walking into your air-conditioned house. What happens when the coolness you expect is missing? Sometimes your air conditioning and heating unit can trip your circuit breaker. When this happens, the best person to call is the professional electricians at Controlled Electric. When the circuit is the problem, it can be as simple as flipping the breaker off and on again, but when it continues to happen it can be a much bigger problem. Delaying service could lead to a much more expensive repair. And the professionals at Controlled Electric will not only be able to identify the problem, but will also be able to quickly fix it, and prevent it from happening again.

Furnace got your cold in the winter? Have no fear…we do that too!

So if you’re looking for expert electrical assistance in Clarington, Durham Region and the Durham Region Area, please contact Controlled Electric at 905-448-2890 or use our online form to a request a service appointment.