Computer & Data Circuits

Tired of having a mess of cords in your office or computer room? It feels like everything has to be plugged in, there are never enough outlets, and everything is tangled together! The simple fact is, we have to accommodate all of these wires to keep our devices running. You probably have a power strip or surge protector to keep them safe as well, adding to the bulk. However, there are easier ways!

When you have multiple cords going into an outlet or power strip, you can overload your circuit. The circuit that feeds the outlet your computer runs off of often has other outlets on it as well! Having devices such as a printer or scanner, phone, and speakers, plus the computer itself often puts you at risk for a circuit overload. To reduce the risk of this, you can have a licensed electrician install a dedicated circuit for your computer and electronics alone. Overloaded circuits can cause electrocution and fire, on top of ruining all of your electronics! A licensed electrician, like those at Controlled Electric, can install the circuit that best fits your needs, making your home safer and more efficient!

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