Electrical Service Upgrades

As with most businesses, our original plans get bigger – we expand, grow, build on and build up. Our electrical systems must rise to the occasion to meet the ever growing demands of our business, with a flicker of a light being the last thing to ruin a light bulb moment.

Because we understand the importance of your business’s growth, our service upgrade options are available on an as-needed basis to grow along with you. An overloaded supply panel could mean higher energy bills, energy waste and a short circuit at a crucial moment. A simple upgrade to a switchboard able to handle your usage could be exactly what’s needed to avoid the headache of “lights-out” in the boardroom or the shock of an energy bill from an overloaded supply panel on your accountant’s desk.

Contact Controlled Electric today at 905-448-2890 to speak with a representative about the various Electrical Service Upgrades available for your business and we’ll be sure you’re never left in the dark. You can also use our online form to request a service appointment.