Circuit Breakers

Do your circuit breakers hum or trip constantly? Do your circuit breakers feel exceptionally warm to the touch? Does your electrical panel have a funny smell? If so, please call Controlled Electric.

With technology changing every day, the electrical components that are in your home or business may not be able to support today’s high-powered demands. Controlled Electric recommends that you should have your electrical system evaluated at your home or business. We also can check if there are any safety issues or hazards. We can make sure that your electrical system is up to par to today’s standards.

The heart of your electrical system is the panels and the breakers that are in those panels. After an evaluation, our expert electricians find that many homes and businesses need upgraded panels, breakers and circuits to keep up with all the new technologies and advancements.

Many older homes in Toronto or the surrounding areas have outdated fuses or old-style breakers that have been known to cause fires. Did you know that many of the manufactures of older circuit breakers that are in thousands of homes in Toronto or the surrounding areas have been forced to stop production many years ago by UL listing authorities because they do not operate properly? These panels and breakers are extremely dangerous. It has been proven that these old unsafe breakers in many cases will take a whole minute to trip and in some instances, will not shut off the power at all. This could possibly lead to electrical shocks, fires and death by electrocution. If you are unsure about your electrical panels and breaker’s then call Controlled Electric today.

What does a circuit breaker do?

Circuit breakers are designed to trip quickly, i.e. turn off the power within a fraction of a second when there is a problem with your electrical system. If the circuit breaker is properly installed, not overloaded and used in conjunction with the correct wire size, a circuit breaker will keep you, your family and your home safe.

Why is my breaker always tripping?

There are many reasons why your breaker could be tripping. A circuit could be overloaded. There is an intermittent short. Another common cause for repeated breaker tripping is a loose circuit. Regardless of the reason, it is important to get this fixed immediately. This should only be performed by a licensed and trained electrician! Never attempt to tighten, replace or remove a breaker on your own! Call us today and let the electrical super heroes at Controlled Electric evaluate your circuit breakers and panels. Your safety is our number-one concern.