Strong storms can often leave you with no power, sometimes for days. In the case of an electrical outage, are you prepared? A home generator is a great way to protect you and your family. While everyone else is in the dark, you’ll be just fine! Electricians can install a generator so that it is wired directly into your homes wiring. Generators provide an emergency power supply, keeping your food refrigerated and lights going in the event that you lose power.

When talking to your electrician about installing a generator, make sure to ask about an automatic transfer switch. Not only will you have emergency power, but also the automatic transfer switch will switch directly to the generator for power in case of an outage, regardless of whether someone is home. Having this backup power will prevent you from having to throw away perishables, and save the hassle of waiting for your electricity to come back on. Considering the installation of a home generator? Contact the professionals at Controlled Electric!

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