Outlets & Switches

Do you have any outlets or switches that are not working in your home or business? Does any of your light fixtures flicker or does the light come on when you hit the switch? If you are experiencing any problems, you have come to the right place. Controlled Electric has replaced thousands of outlets and switches in homes and local businesses in the Toronto area.

One of our biggest complaints that we hear is that “We don’t have enough outlets. We have power strips everywhere and our breakers trip.”

Did you know that receptacles or outlets are also referred to as convenient outlets? Convenient outlets are called convenient outlets because if you have enough in the right places: then they are convenient and accessible to the user.

Did you know a vast majority of home fires are caused due to electrical outlets? The reason why is because there are not enough outlets and the outlets that are available are overloaded. Most homeowners will have a duplex receptacle and install a seven-plug power strip or sometimes two strips into that one outlet. In most cases that duplex receptacle is being shared with other duplex receptacles around the house. When this happens, circuits get overloaded and are more prone to catch fire.

Outlet and Switch Repair

Controlled Electric also repairs outlets and switches, so if you have any problems with your receptacles and switches we are just a phone call away.

We have found many reasons why outlets burn out, causes a fire or only work half the time. Below are just a few reasons:

  1. Wired incorrectly
  2. Loose connections
  3. Back Stabbed
  4. Circuit has been overloaded

Over time, existing receptacles can deteriorate and become damaged just from frequent use. When outlets go bad, they need to be replaced by a qualified electrician.

So whether you need more receptacles, or you just need a small repair in Clarington, Durham Region and the Durham Region Area, please contact Controlled Electric at 905-448-2890 or use our online form to request a service appointment.